Remote learning never been easier

Dedicated 40-hours learning program with videos, lectures, audio files and all-round reading materials. Digital content with basic theoretical parts of all training modules.


Learning in the conventional way

It provides a professional foundation for putting horticultural therapy into practice. The handbook will be translated into Italian in addition to English and Hungarian.

Learning program

Learn from the basics

120-hour-long horticultural therapy learning program dedicated to healthcare and social professionals who work with psychiatric patients and physical rehabilitation programs.

The treatment benefits people with:


1. Basics of Horticultural Therapy

 The history, theoretical background, relevance and scientific evidence of therapeutic horticulture. The neuroscientific findings combined with the principles and definitions.

2. Botany & Garden Maintenance

Plant morphology, physiology, nomenclature, growth and life forms, medicinal plants, soil and garden maintenance tools.

3. New Places, Designed for Therapeutic Horticulture

The ecological principles of garden planning. You will learn therapeutic garden design from site assessment to paths, plants, lighting, and other materials. By the end you will be able to design therapeutic spaces for different groups of users.

4. Target Group-Specific Therapeutic Methodology

Target groups of therapeutic horticulture. The basic principles and therapeutic practices and activities for different target groups.

5. Impact Measurement Options in Horticultural Therapy

The methods to measure the impact of the processes and sessions. You will learn how to collect and analyze information in a timely manner, including outcome measurement to facilitate regular feedback and communication with clients.

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