Hortus Medicus 3rd International Meeting

Recently, we took part in the 3rd international meeting in Vienna. We were hosted by our Austrian partner, the Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpedagogik. Our topics were the almost finished curriculum for the future training and thanks to the personal meeting, we were also able to make good progress with the chapters of the therapeutical horticulture handbook. We also started the development of e-learning teaching materials with the help of an e-learning expert.
On the  first professional visit therapeutic horticulture activities was introduced to us at Clinic Hietzing, where a psychiatric doctor led us around the clinic and its garden, where different types of garden activities are happening. On the other place named Caritas am Himmel, horticulture activities were introduced with adults with disabilities.

Therapeutic horticulture can be used effectively in the case of many disabilities and diseases, for all age groups. We aimed to spread these kind of activities, therefore a Hungarian-language handbook, a curriculum and e-learning materials is being prepared within the framework of the  Hortus Medicus Erasmus+ project.